What is ad status? and what all ad statuses exist?

    Ad status represents its present state in our system. Ads transition through several states (or statuses) in its lifecycle from its creation to deletion. Following are the list of possible ad statuses:
  • Pending: Ad is in Pending status. Ad will be in Pending status until user email verification and ad spam check is complete.
  • Active: Ad is in Active status. Only Ads with Active status are listed in public listings on the site.
  • Inactive: Ad is in Inactive status. Ad is inactivated by its owner.
  • Reported as Spam: Ad is in Spam (Reported as Spam) status. Ads reported as spam by number of users or administrator will be flagged (marked as spam) and removed from public listings on the site.
  • Expired: Ad is in Expired status. Ads transition to Expired status after completion of 45 days from its activation.